Azilal - Dalal

$370.00 CAD

This charming vintage Azilal rug, made from wool on a cotton warp, was sourced in the High Atlas Mountains.  Hand-knotted with love, its soft muted pastel tones create a soothing atmosphere, making it an ideal choice for a nursery.  Easy on the eye, it would also be lovely in a bedroom or small den.  It is characterized by many Berber motifs, which tell the story of the woman who made it and reveal her artistic craftsmanship.  Measures approximately 3’ x 5’ with a 1” fringe on one end.

This is both a vintage piece and a handcrafted item and, as such, may show signs of wear and may have 'perfect imperfections'.  We believe such features add to the unique character and charm of each piece.  

Moroccan Rugs Collection