Azilal - Assim

$380.00 CAD

This vintage Moroccan runner was sourced from the High Atlas Mountains and is a striking, conversation-worthy piece of art. Made from sheep’s wool, it features intriguing Berber/Amazigh motifs. The diamond/lozenge shapes are often symbolic for warding off evil, but also are representative of female attributes and fertility.  Without knowing the story of the woman who made this rug, it makes for interesting interpretation.  This rug/runner is well suited for a hallway or bedside.  It could also be hung on the wall for an interesting piece of tribal art.  It is extremely soft and easy to fold and, as such, could also be draped over the foot of a bed, or on the back of your favourite armchair or sofa.  Measures 2’10” x 6’2”.

This is both a vintage piece and a handcrafted item and, as such, may show signs of wear and may have 'perfect imperfections'.  We believe such imperfections add to the unique character and charm of each piece.  

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