Hand Sanitizer Spray

$13.00 CAD

This locally-made hand sanitizer spray is fabulous.  Approved by Health Canada, it is 75% alcohol, infused with Lemongrass, Lavender, and Sweet Lime essential oils.  It comes in a spray format making it ideal for disinfecting hands, as well as metal and/or plastic surfaces.  Keep a bottle in your car and spritz the gas pump handle the next time you’re filling up; keep a bottle in your purse or briefcase when you’re unable to wash using soap and water; spritz any nasty looking coins or bills that need to go into your wallet or pocket, and spray away germs on doorknobs and handles!  Ingredients: isopropanol, distilled water, glycerol, hydrogen peroxide, organic lemongrass oil, organic lavender oil, and organic key lime oil. 

Sold in 250ml bottles, that can be used to fill smaller travel size spray bottles - to keep in your purse, car, or work drawer.

Indicate tassel colour preference at checkout. 

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