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PomPom Blanket - Saffron

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This cotton PomPom Blanket, handloomed in Marrakech, works great as a bedspread or draped over a couch.  Great for snuggling under, too.  A perfect piece to add a laidback bohemian vibe to your space.  This saffron blanket has a black weft (unlike the others which have a white weft), which  adds a lovely contrast.  Two sizes available:

Small - approximately 5’ x 8’, with seven plump and playful pom-poms adorning the width on both ends

Large - approximately 6.5’ x 9.5’, with eight plump and playful pompoms adorning the width on both ends   

As this is a handcrafted item, it may have ‘perfect  imperfections’, such as slight size variations and cotton nubs.  We view these as adding a special rustic charm to each piece.  

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