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Vintage Handira (Wedding Blanket)

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This hand-loomed Vintage Wedding Blanket, known as Handira in Arabic, is steeped in beautiful tradition. Originating from the Berbers in the Middle Atlas Mountains, Handiras are elaborate blankets that are lovingly handwoven from sheep’s wool and cotton by female relatives of the bride-to-be.  Once the weaving is complete, sparkly mirrored sequins are meticulously sewn on, giving the blanket a beautiful shimmer. These reflective sequins are believed to ward off evil.  Traditionally worn as a  cape by the bride on her wedding day, the blanket serves as warmth and decoration, but more importantly it bestows blessings (baraka) of happiness, good fortune and fertility on the newlyweds. These stunning pieces are gorgeous as bedspreads, draped over sofas, or hung on the wall as art.  This Handira  measures approximately 5” wide x 8’4” long, with 4” tassels on one end.