Aluminum Tray - 16.5” to 18”

$39.00 CAD

These traditional lightweight aluminum trays are hand-etched by skilled artisans in the Imperial City of Fez, Morocco (the city renowned for making them). Each is one-of-a-kind unique, with precision etched patterns featuring geometric and floral motifs.  Many more designs are available in-store.  Used throughout Morocco to serve tea, these trays become beautifully chic tables tops when placed on one of our hand-carved cedar folding table bases.  The trays vary between 16.5” to 18” in diameter, and our table bases for them are 19.5" high.

As these are handmade, there may be very subtle differences in the designs, but the general pattern for each design is the same.

These trays may be purchased with a hand-carved cedar folding table base (currently available in-store, and soon to be added to the website).  The tray table option for this size is $89 (includes the wood base and aluminum tray).  The wooden bases can be left in their natural wood state, or they can be stained, varnished, or painted.

Moroccan Trays Collection