Friends of Fez Orphans (FOFO) is a non-profit Association improving the lives of disadvantaged children in Fez, Morocco.

FOFO helps the Al Amal Centre, a local orphanage that hosts up to 175 children, ages one week to six years.  This center offers a temporary roof for newborns and young children, with the hope that their time here will result in successful adoption.  FOFO also aids The Childhood Protection Centre for Girls, a 24-hour shelter and home for girls aged 9 to 18.

By providing socialization, therapy and education (along with hugs, smiles and compassion), these less fortunate children and adolescents are given a chance at a brighter future. It is FOFO’s belief, and mine, that all children deserve to be happy, healthy contributors to society, regardless of their background or the situation into which they were born.

While many volunteers are active in the daily care of these individuals, basic supplies are greatly needed along with wages for teachers and a caretaker.  A portion of all Mashi Moosh’s sales are donated to help fill these critical positions and, in turn, help ease the daily struggles these individuals face.