Welcome/Marhaba to our Moroccan Decor Shop

Mashi Moosh is a Moroccan decor/accessories/gift shop offering beautiful, authentic Moroccan artisanal treasures.  All products are thoughtfully and personally sourced in Morocco and are handcrafted by artisans using centuries-old traditions.  While bringing beauty, uniqueness and comfort to our homes, we are also helping to sustain the incredible art forms of Morocco.

I believe in surrounding ourselves with people and things that make our hearts smile. I believe that making our homes comfortable and safe havens, places where we can unfurl and just be, and places where we can laugh with close friends and family, adds to our well-being. To that end, I believe in filling our homes with things that are both functional and beautiful: items that speak to us, that bring smiles, that hold dear memories, or that bring a sense of calm and warmth. I hope you enjoy browsing our Moroccan treasures, and hope they inspire creativity for your home. 

Visit our Toronto bricks-and-mortar shop or browse our selection online; you’ll be transported to the magical souks of Morocco where treasures abound: Berber blankets, colourful cushions, perfect pouffes, luminous lanterns, magical mirrors, ravishing rugs, fabulous furniture, traditional teapots and trays, delightful drinkware, pretty pottery, beautiful babouches, casual clothing, superb skincare, baskets galore and so much more!

The name ‘Mashi Moosh’ is a playful nod to the laidback and friendly nature of the Moroccan people, and comes from the common Moroccan phrase ‘mashi mushkil’, simply meaning ‘not a problem’.  We could all use a bit more fun and be a bit more carefree, so make Mashi Moosh your mantra!

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