Tripod Stool - Assorted Colours

$149.00 CAD

Our stylish Tripod Stools are expertly handcrafted by artisans in Morocco.  The embossed leather seat can be removed and the three-legged hand-carved redwood base folds down.  Perfect for small spaces, and cool seats for guitarists.  Measures approximately 15” at its widest and 21” tall.  Available in six colours: Buff, Chocolate, Coffee, Pomegranate, Slate, and Spice.

There are slight colour variations between the stools as they are all handmade using naturally tanned and dyed leather.  As these are dyed without the use of chemicals, prolonged exposure to the sun will cause fading, and the colour is prone to spotting if it comes in contact with liquids.  

This product is only available in-store/curb-side or for Toronto Delivery.  If you would like this product shipped, please contact the shop for a quote.  

Moroccan Furniture Collection