Argan Oil (Cosmetic)

$39.00 CAD

✨Moroccan Liquid Gold✨ Long used throughout Morocco as the go-to all natural beauty product, our Argan Oil is 100% pure, Eco-Certified, and USDA Organic.  Argan Oil comes from the fruit of the Argan Tree (Argania Spinosa), a tree indigenous to Morocco.  Kernels from the nut of the fruit are cold-pressed to produce this highly prized golden-coloured oil.  It is a natural anti-aging and moisturizing treatment that is excellent for preserving youthful skin and shiny hair.  Rich in omega fatty acids, vitamin E, and linoleic acid, it can be used on all skin types as a light moisturizer.  It is also helpful in reducing acne.  When used on hair, it nourishes and conditions and makes hair soft and shiny.  Sold in 55ml bottles.  Store away from direct heat or light.

Moroccan Skin & Hair Care Collection