Candle - Marrakech (Rue de la Liberte)

$69.00 CAD

The delicious smell of oriental pastries, fresh from the oven, awaken our senses with their sweet scent of honeyed almonds mixed with delicate orange blossom.

 All fragrances are natural and imported from Grasse, France (the world's perfume capital). 

The Marrakech 40000 candle (Rue de la Liberte) is a beautiful ceramic vessel handcrafted by artisan potters in Marrakech, and then hand poured with heavenly scented wax.  After enjoying the candle, the terra-cotta container makes an interesting catchall or decor piece.

Composition:  Proprietary natural wax blend, with cotton wicks from Italy for a gentle burn

Fragrance: Rue de la Liberte 

(Honey, Butter,  Cane Sugar, Almond, Orange Blossom, Vanilla)

Burn Time:  80  hours 

Size: 4” (10cm) high x 3.5” (9cm) diameter

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