Candle - Tagine Terra Cotta

$69.00 CAD

Let the Tagine Candle walk you through the beautiful and emblematic sun-kissed streets of the Medina where a heavenly aroma of spices entices your senses.  All fragrances are natural and subtle and imported from Grasse, France (the world’s perfume capital).

The Tagine Candle (Terra Cotta) is a beautiful ceramic vessel handcrafted by artisan potters in Marrakech, and then hand poured with heavenly scented wax.  After enjoying the candle, the tagine-shaped container makes an interesting catchall and decor piece.

Composition:  Proprietary natural wax blend, with cotton wicks from Italy for a gentle burn 

Fragrance: Place des Epices

(Cinnamon, Ginger, Dried Fruits, Clove, Vanilla & Tonka Bean). 

Burn Time:  40 hours 

Size:  6” high x 3.75” diameter

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