Cooking Tagine - UnGlazed

$69.00 CAD

Terrific Tagines!  Our traditional Moroccan clay cooking tagines are the real deal!  Left in their natural state (ie unglazed), these cooking vessels are perfect for slow cooking various meats, poultry, fish and vegetables.  Used over a very low heat, the ingredients simmer and remain moist due to the unique conical lid. While the cooking vessel itself is called a tagine so, too, is the hearty dish that is prepared in it.  They can be used for serving food in as well, be it a meal already cooked in it, or with food transferred from elsewhere.  The lid keeps food warm and the vessel looks decorative on the table.  Two sizes available, approximately:

Medium - 12.5” diameter x 8.5” high

Large - 14” diameter x 10” high

Hand wash only.

*Please note that due to their weight and fragility these tagines are only available in-store or for Toronto delivery. 


Moroccan Pottery Collection