Fragrance Burner

$10.00 CAD

Our ceramic room fragrance burners are handmade by skilled artisans in Safi, a port city on Morocco’s Atlantic Coast.  Fragrance oil is poured into the small dish on top, and then heated by a tea-light candle below.  Measures approximately 3.25” diameter x 3.75” high. 

Fill your home with the exotic fragrances of Morocco.  Choose from one of six fragrances: Amber, Cinnamon Orange, Jasmine Vanilla, Musk Amber, Oud, and Ylang Ylang (sold separately in 30ml bottles).

*Please use the burner with caution; it becomes very hot to the touch when the candle has been lit. Keep out of reach of children*


Moroccan Candles & Fragrances Collection