Marrakech Candle Lantern

$79.00 CAD

These superbly crafted brass/glass octagon-shaped candle lanterns were handcrafted by master artisans in Marrakech.  They feature a hinged door, with a latch, for easy access when lighting or replacing the light source.  They also feature a curved handle that folds down, making the lanterns versatile for either hanging or placing on a table.  Two sizes available, approximately:

Small - 3.5” diameter x 7” high without the handle, and 9” high with the handle

Large - 4” diameter x 8.5” high without the handle, and 10.5” with the handle 

Due to the fragile nature of the lanterns, they do not qualify for Free or Standard Shipping.  Please contact the shop for a shipping quote if you would like these shipped.  

Moroccan Lanterns Collection