Moroccan Black Soap

$26.00 CAD

Our Moroccan Black Soap, also known as Beldi soap, is an all-natural dark greenish-brown creamy paste made from macerated olives and eucalyptus oil.  It has been used for centuries as a go-to-beauty product, helping rid the body of toxins and healing skin ravaged due to stress, sun exposure, extreme cold, and more.  An essential in Moroccan hammams, black soap prepares the skin for exfoliation, while the essential oils provide relaxing and respiratory properties.  To use, thoroughly coat the body (avoiding the face) with the soap, and massage into the skin (please note that Beldi soap does not foam/lather).  After 15 minutes, rinse the soap off and exfoliate with a crepe Kessa glove (can be purchased here, too).  Sold in 150g jars.  Store away from direct heat or light.

Moroccan Skin & Hair Care Collection