Dome Doum Lampshade

$199.00 CAD

These beautifully and skillfully constructed dome-shaped lampshades were crafted by artisans in Marrakech using iron and sustainable Doum palm leaf fibres.  They add a wonderful contemporary rustic charm to any space, and allow for ample light with their open weave.  Hang one on its own, or create a truly stunning look with a cluster of two or three placed at differing heights.  As these are handmade from natural materials, there will be slight variations among them.

Approximate sizes:

Small - 11.5” wide x 13” long

Medium - 14” wide x 16” long

Large - 16” wide x 20” long

*Please note that due to their bulk, additional shipping charges will apply.  Please contact the shop if you wish this item to be shipped.  

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