Sequinned Slippers - Lemon (Children’s)

$19.00 CAD

Bohemian Babouches!  These handmade genuine leather slippers (in Lemon) are beautifully soft and meticulously stitched with sparkly sequins.  Add some twinkle to your children' toes; they love the glitter!  Great for indoors.  Made by artisans in Marrakech, the supple leather will mould to their feet after they are are worn a few times, making a distinct right and left foot.

Please note that there are colour variations between the slippers as they are handcrafted using naturally tanned and dyed leather (the colour shade of the sequins may vary too).  There may be some markings on the sole or inside of the slipper caused by the artisans’ tools or glue; these are not considered flaws but 'perfectly imperfect' artisanal characteristics.  

Our babouches have European sizing stamped on them, with approximate conversions to children's sizes in the parentheses below.  If possible, we recommend coming to our bricks-and-mortar shop to try the slippers on to ensure the best fit.

Moroccan Slippers Collection