Traditional Teapot - Style 4

$135.00 CAD

Terrific Teapots!  Add a touch of exotic elegance and flair when serving your next pot of tea.  Beautifully handmade in Fez from nickel silver, these teapots are exquisite.  They feature hinged lids, curved spouts and handles, and a built-in strainer. To fully immerse yourself in the ritual of the Moroccan tea ceremony (and to add extra ‘wow’ factor), choose from some of our jewel-toned mint tea glasses, or opt for the very traditional mouth-blown Beldi glassware.  Complete your experience with one of our traditional sugar bowls and tea trays.  Enjoy!

Four sizes available (1.25 Litre size is shown in photo):

0.5 Litre (approximately 17 fluid oz)

1 Litre (approximately 34 fluid oz)

1.25 Litres  (approximately 42.5 fluid oz)

1.5 Litres (approximately 51 fluid oz)

A complimentary tassel can be added; please indicate your colour preference at checkout and we will do our best to send you that colour (in case we don’t have your preferred colour, please indicate a couple of alternate choices). 

Style #4

Moroccan Teapots Collection