Marmoucha (Soraya)


This glorious vintage Moroccan rug is resplendent with its golden and blue jewel tones, all naturally dyed with saffron and indigo.  Visually stunning, its short, dense wool pile is also lovely underfoot.  Hand-knotted in the Middle Atlas Mountain region by the Marmoucha tribe, this rug dates back approximately 50 years.  Striking in a living room, study, or den.  Measures approximately 7’1” x 3’9”, with a 4” fringe on one end and a 2” fringe on the other end.

This is both a vintage piece and a handcrafted item and, as such, may show signs of wear and may have 'perfect imperfections'.  We believe such features add to the unique character and charm of each piece.  This piece is in excellent condition.  

Moroccan Rugs Collection