Zanafi Kilim (Hassan)

$1,050.00 CAD

This Zanafi Kilim is a special vintage piece hand-loomed by women of the Zanafi tribe, in the High Atlas Mountains.  While usually characterized by black and cream wool throughout, this kilim is unique in that a biscuit coloured wool is woven into the last two feet of it.  The colour change is subtle, but is an interesting feature.  Highly durable and very forgiving to spills, this rug can be used throughout your home.  Appealing in its simple design and classic black/cream and biscuit colours, this rug measures approximately 7’6” x 4’5”, with 2” braided tassels on one end and 6” braided tassels spaced lengthwise down one side. 

This is both a vintage piece and a handcrafted item and, as such, may show signs of wear and may have 'perfect imperfections'.  We believe such features add to the unique character and charm of each piece.  This piece is in excellent condition.

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